Why a Steinway?


Steinway pianos  unfailing satisfaction and pleasure that accompanies its use is also matched by its permanence as an investment. Maybe  you can easily afford to buy a new Steinway piano , or are procuring a concert level Model D for an institution or large auditorium. To those buyers, we say, you will be very happy with a new Steinway. Do keep in mind that Steinway pianos were designed to last decades, and our  properly restored ones, satisfy both musicians musically and prestige buyers, with our case finish quality, so it will prove well worth your time to evaluate whether a new or restored Steinway piano will suit your own particular needs. The Piano Store does not sell new Steinway Pianos, only lightly used from recent years and restored golden age Steinway pianosIf you have a question about a particular piano call 1-877-443-3674. We are committed to selling quality pianos, at the lowest prices in the USA!
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Here’s some important information you should read when searching for a quality used or restored Steinway. Learning about our piano restoration process is truly worthwhile.

                                        Steinway Louis XV #15   

There is a great  legacy behind the firm, which has been around for over 150 years (Established 1853), and when people buy a Steinway they are usually also buying all the things it stands for:

High Performance    Responsive Action      Tone    Look      Prestige      

  • Steinway’s small production (roughly 5,000 pianos per year between the New York and Hamburg factories) helps insure that the pianos stay in high demand. Numerous volumes have been penned about Steinway over the years: the piano, the people behind the name, and the performers and composers  who played them.

Famous musicians also favor Steinway pianos

A Steinway piano is grace and charm personified. If you have a Steinway, you surely own a thing of immense pride. Steinway pianos have wowed audiences for many years and continue to do so even today.

Musicians all over the world prefer top quality instruments, and in pianos, the Steinway has always been their choice. Native New Yorkers feel pride in performing on the Steinway which was originally built in the Red Apple. Noted performers that play on a Steinway include Billy Joel, Alicia Keys and more recently, Lady Gaga.This fall, Russian pianist Kirill Gerstein used a Steinway when he appeared with the New York Philharmonic.

If you have a question about a particular piano call  1-877-443-3674 
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