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Steinway piano restoration is both an art and a science. Our staff of piano restoration artisans and technicians have deep experience in the field of piano restoration and master level knowledge of Steinway pianos. Our goal is to recreate the original sound and touch that Steinway created for a particular piano. Consistently, we have met and exceeded our goals to the delight of players and listeners. The sound and exclusive action sensation are the most important elements in defining the quality of our rebuilds. Our rebuilt pianos may include restoration of the genuine Steinway soundboard  or installing a new soundboard and will compare favorably in quality you will get from any restoration company in the United States. We encourage our customers to visit authorized Steinway dealers prior to a visit to The Piano Store to form the basis for knowledgeable comparison. Many musicians, whether professional or amateur may prefer adjustment, and action regulation which may be different than what was performed on a particular piano. We can work with you to achieve the control, sound and voicing which you are looking for and pleases your ear and target audience.

The Piano Store uses authentic Steinway parts for replacement parts or we can substitute another manufacturer’s action parts when requested by a client, prior to a particular piano's delivery. On some of our pianos,  we use Renner parts , a company which produces its quality Blue Point hammers and fine actions  and they offer wonderful features that perform and sound fine for Steinway pianos. As we are essentially a  "custom store", we can adjust any Steinway piano to your liking, and a visit to our store, allows you to see the many choices on different pianos, in terms of action feel and sound. Home Page Full Screen Image 2

Are you considering having a piano you own restored? How do you know your particular piano will improve dramatically in tone and action to your liking? Will it really be able to absorb the extremely high cost of piano restoration and retain or appreciate in investment value? Renovating an heirloom or keepsake piano does not always achieve the goal of creating a "musical masterpiece".

Many piano restoration companies in the United States will suggest that all pianos should be restored. While it is true most pianos can be restored or improved, the final musical and investment return results might not make all pianos worthy of the high cost of piano restoration. The Piano Store firmly believes only pre tested and choice  Steinway pianos offer the most solid opportunity to justify the high cost of restoration . We will often string a piano prior to any restoration work, before making a decision on whether a piano is to be sold "as is" or completely restored.

The fact is many  Steinway pianos will  not have the tone, action, and projection AFTER restoration that many trained musicians would desire. We critically select only the best before we invest capital and talent on a particular piano.

Even if  a restoration company or technician has a flawless reputation for quality work, the piano itself must have many important attributes that are analyzed in advance to truly know if a piano is worthy of doing costly restoration. In the pursuit, of getting more work, many restoration sources will not let you know these facts. We have seen AMAZING recoveries of original condition pianos from quality piano restoration…but sadly, some costly misses.

Here's the best and ONLY  way to eliminate any chance of a "miss" in costly piano restoration.

Buy a restored Steinway piano from a store AFTER the restoration work is done. By doing this, you know in advance EXACTLY how a piano will sound, play, and look and the risk of being disappointed is completely eliminated. Nothing is left to chance at The Piano Store.We eliminate risk and have done the advance  critical "homework" on which pianos are worthy of Steinway level restoration.

Why not simply trade your current piano in to us, and buy a restored Steinway that you know sounds, plays and looks how you  deserve it should  for your money. Be happy from the first day of your ownership. Call us , and make your dream come true today!

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