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The Piano Store sells late model 1985 and newer as well as Vintage Restored Classic Steinway pianos. We absolutely love their pianos, and our deep affection and long term experience hand crafting them to “like new” is immediately evident to both players musically, and those who behold our pianos for sale. Our customers include musicians, independent piano dealers,  piano teachers, and the general public seeking the world’s most loved pianos at affordable prices.

While new Steinway pianos are the finest in the world, at the same time, their pianos were built to last generations. The Steinway company affirms their pianos were made to be rebuilt are essentially little changed over the century. The question you might ask yourself is  “Why buy from us ?”  The Piano Store’s restoration process is thorough and the results are always outstanding  both musically and artistically. After they are rebuilt and refinished our pianos become “Vintage/New” or “Contemporary/New” and you can buy them from us  at a fabulous discount to what you would pay for a new Steinway piano at an authorized dealer or other independent retailers and online sources. Our pianos are rebuilt skillfully by piano technicians who use genuine Steinway Parts. Click here to see our current pianos on sale.

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With the largest selection of restored and used Steinway Pianos in the United States , our pianos are at various major piano stores in southern California. If you see a piano website that you have interest in , simply call us at (562) 412-0660 to check on it’s current availability, as our inventory changes rapidly. If you are not in our local area, keep in mind our SHIPPING IS FREE  to all USA states (exc. Hawaii and Alaska) and you can easily have a technician evaluate the piano you are interested in that we have in our store, to verify quality of build and restoration details.

  • It’s a good idea to visit a piano store and play many Steinway  pianos  and we have made your search quite easy with our many models and sizes  on hand. This way you can  comfortably  choose the instrument that suits your budget and musical taste. The Piano Store  is confident we provide the best sound and quality for your investment, and only through a learning, listening, and playing process will you best come to the best piano buying decision.

If you have a question about a particular piano call  1-877-443-3674 or 562-412-0660

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