Steinway Model A

The Piano Store is pleased to offer for sale some of the finest restored Steinway Model A’s ever built by the Steinway New York manufacturing facility in Astoria, Queens. Our restoration process is near a complete re-manufacture and the case and sound is nothing short of SPECTACULAR. The Model A is the smallest concert size piano, and has a more depth and concert quality than the smaller models. The generous length of the various Steinway a models are 6’1”, 6′ 2″, and 6′ 4-1/2″ and they are designated A1, A2, and A3.The Steinway Model A grand piano produces a resonant and warm sound, which is the result of a scale design that allows the solid spruce soundboard to freely and efficiently vibrate. This piano is large enough to satisfy musicians who require a full, deep bass, yet is proportioned small enough to fit into almost any home.

Theodore Steinway is credited with many of the remarkable technical innovations of piano making, some of which have not been surpassed to this day. Between the years of 1868 and 1885, he was awarded an unprecedented 45 patents.Designing the original Model A piano was an ambitious project. Theodore Steinway’s objective was to create a 6′ grand piano providing concert hall power and tone for people who did not have room for a larger piano.  This historic instrument introduced several acoustic breakthroughs.Steinway-Ebony-B-1

Important Steinway Model A  Innovations:

The first continuous bent-rim case. This transformed both the manufacturing and sound quality of grand pianos, making it possible to transfer vibrations efficiently to the entire soundboard. The distinctive square tail design of the Model A also allowed for more soundboard vibrating area. Theodore Steinway’s patented rim-bending presses are still in use at the Steinway Factory today.

Solid spruce radial bracing. The new system of structural reinforcement provided the strength to support 35,000 pounds of string tension, many times the standard at the time. This allowed the use of longer strings, and greatly increased volume and tone.


Steinway Model A

Height:40″ (102 cm)
Length:6′ 2″ (188 cm)
Width:57 3/4″ (147 cm)
Net Weight:695 pounds (315 kg)