Why Buy from Us?


Why Buy from Us?

The Steinway Pianos for sale that undergo piano restoration by The Piano Store are carefully selected based on their superior tonal

qualities, action, wood, and soundboard condition .They are primarily procured from California homes and estates. West coast weather  and atmosphere is kindest to pianos over time and only  superior candidates are chosen and then evaluated for sound superiority and case and action condition prior to starting any major restoration. Higher level piano restoration may include stringing an original condition piano to evaluate projection and quality of sound prior to any major work commencing on a particular piano.

The Piano Store owns our pianos, and we have a physical business location. In recent years, virtual piano brokers  have set up “shop” on the internet , simply brokering home seller pianos, whereby they take pictures of house pianos and "photo shop"  them to conceal the real condition of the pianos. Many of these pianos have poor service records, and also have less than truthful condition disclosure .These brokers then market them on the net, for far more money than these pianos are worth to unsuspecting buyers. What seems to be a bargain, is generally a costly financial and emotional landmine. Most of the pianos on these sites that state they have been restored…are in fact sadly needing  complete restoration.Home Page Full Screen Image 2

A) The Piano Store  has a well lit physical store to allow buyers to carefully evaluate case finishes. We have solid floors with ought carpets or drapes, which mask sound and acoustics.

B) Our restoration facility is in Orange County, California.You are welcome to visit it and meet  knowledgeable and dedicated craftsmen who meticulously restore our pianos.

  • In a recent article promoting Steinway pianos, the clear point was made by their restoration department. http://www.voanews.com/content/finest-muscians-turn-to-steinway-pianos/1815921.html
  • The Piano Store is proud to offer Steinway prices far below our major competitors, which is due to the following:

          1-  Our store is located in Long Beach, California which is not high price commercial space. These hard dollar savings are passed on to our customers.

          2- Unlike our major competitors which include new Steinway dealers and other large independent piano restoration companies , our operating budget is not expended on branding, omnipresent advertising and creating endless gratuitous testimonials. The Piano Store budget is primarily focused on creating the highest quality piano restoration. PERIOD!  Savings from non essential marketing activities are directly passed on to customers in lower sale prices and creating far superior Steinway restoration pianos. Visit us personally, or send someone you trust to evaluate our pianos. Delivery is free and we use bonded experienced piano movers.  You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can afford, if your target is to buy is a world class piano of lasting musical and financial value.

The value of The Piano Store rebuilt Steinway is much higher than a new one immediately. A new high ticket Steinway will depreciate dramatically during its first few years of ownership while our pianos have already factored in substantial immediate savings and value into our sale prices. The big advantage  is you are buying an investment quality Steinway piano from us  which will have fantastic sound, action, and look. You will also get far more value than any new imported Far East mass market, machine built piano. Granted, late model Steinway pianos are generally featured in live performances ...but many famous concert performers prefer a restored Classic or Vintage Steinway as their home piano.

If you have a question about a particular piano call  toll free 1-877-443-3674  or 562-412-0660

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