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Prior to visiting a Piano Store it is essential to consider important criteria that will determine the size, model and finish of the piano you may purchase for you home. It is our firm belief, a pre-owned or restored Steinway piano will always be your best choice both musically and as a monetary investment.

At your home , it is essential to consider the  size of the space for the intended piano you are searching for. The Steinway grand pianos range in size from as small as 5′ 1″ to the concert grand at just short of 9 feet, so there should be no problem finding the right size piano for your space and needs. It is accepted in the piano industry that the larger the piano, the better the tone. A larger quality soundboard that is installed  on a larger grand piano will allow the strings to vibrate freely in a longer deeper space and this  will impart a richness and depth of tone a smaller piano will not be able to attain. In large part, the amount of space you have for the instrument will be an important factor in choosing the right size of instrument for you. Many people are surprised to find that they have more space than they had originally thought and are able to purchase a much larger piano.

The second criteria, often overlooked, is the color and finish of the piano. Of course for concert venues, ebony black is the piano color of choice, but many pianos in homes look better with other types of woods and finishes.

If you notice, the changing inventory of The Piano Store over time you will find, we always have more exotic woods and finishes  than just your typical black ebony choices. For the wood types other than black ebony, there is a huge range: mahogany (figured, flaming, fiddle-back and simple-grained), walnut (burled, Circassia, American and French), cherry, oak, and ivory (white, cream, and gold-leaf), and rosewood (Brazilian and Indonesian). The finish of our Steinway grand pianos range from hand rubbed ebony, to satin and  high polish gloss. The glossy finish tends to be more “showy” and therefore may be more appropriate for showplace rooms. Choosing the correct finish for the room can enhance the decor.  Our high gloss finish pianos can always be “reduced” to a satin low lustre finish.


Finally, the cost of the piano must be a criteria. Sometimes in the interest of saving money, some piano buyers leave the Steinway Piano behind only to purchase an instrument that is inferior in quality and name, and more importantly depreciating in value. As an investment, this does not make sense. Anyone can save money today at the price of tomorrow, but the wise person will stretch to make the soundest investment by choosing a Steinway Piano that sounds, looks, feels the best, and finally and very importantly, maintains its value over many years. 

The Piano Store strictly sells Steinway !

■ Best selection. If you want a quality piano, why go anywhere besides a store stocked with nothing but Steinway pianos? Where else can you go to see and play many models side by side this is true comparison shopping. Every piano is a bit different, and to find the perfect instrument for you, you’re going to want to audition some out to get a feel for them.

■ Knowledgeable Staff. We love Steinways and we love to talk about them. Their restoration process, history, action, and voicing are always interesting topics. We can walk you through every aspect of their purchase, show you the inner workings of your piano, and talk to you about its care.

■ Guaranteed safe delivery. We contract with movers who only move pianos, and their deep experience insures a safe arrival to your home.

If you have a question about a particular piano call  1-877-443-3674 

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