Steinway Piano Buying Facts


Pianos respond differently to different touches. Also, a quality Steinway piano with a fine action, and tone, responds to far more than just  your brain and channels your soul and spirit. Unlike an automated machine , each will perform differently, and be unique to each musician's "connection" to that  particular instrument. So to find the best piano for yourself, you need to play as many as you can in a store with a broad selection of instruments so you have the basis for an immediate on-site comparison. You should "audition"  new, used  and restored Steinway pianos to make the right decision musically ...and monetarily. It is essential to visit at least one authorized new Steinway dealer in your geographic area, so you have the knowledge to compare quality of finish, touch, sound, and the offered prices of their new and used pianos from The Piano Store's assortment of high quality restored and used Steinway pianos. 

Each  instrument’s "voice” and tonal attributes will have it's own characteristic sound. Play a piano that has been completely prepped and in tune in a store , on different days, so the effects of humidity and atmosphere can be “heard “ and felt to hear the piano’s true tone. In fact, pianos are constantly changing, and a musician with a fine sense of his instrument can “feel and hear” subtle changes over time.

Many older used Steinway pianos in people’s homes for sale in classified ads, will rarely be suitable for performance level practice or play, and in fact, have little value, with ought costly restoration. Most Steinways that have had no restoration work at all, or limited restoration many years ago, often fool would be buyers into thinking the brand name itself, means the piano is a good piano. This cannot be farther from the truth. The true value of a Steinway to both a musician or a "prestige" buyer is derived mostly from the level and quality of the piano restoration work performed on the piano. Quality restoration takes months of arduous work from professional furniture piano case restorers, “belly work” with genuine quality parts performed by master level Steinway technicians, and voicing by professionals who have deep Steinway piano experience.

Can you buy your  Steinway from The Piano Store website ?

Yes most certainly! We deliver our pianos to most areas of the United States, and can even have them crated to ship to the Far East, to places like Taiwan or Japan. Of course, we encourage you to be personally present when evaluating a performance level piano, but due  to distance from our store, it might not be cost and time efficient. A local piano technician can assist you in evaluating any restored piano we have for sale, in terms of quality, build, sound and feel if you are out of our local area. Voicing and any action adjustment to your piano can be arranged and done locally by a piano tuner in the area of the country you live. There are many qualified techs  that can be found from the internet, or the Yellow Pages to assist you in piano evaluation. Our goal is complete satisfaction in piano buying and owning experience for our customers.

Why settle for a lesser piano, when you can have a quality restored Steinway from us, delivered within days...and we deliver for free!

Does The Piano Store take customer "trade-in" pianos for credit?

Certainly! Call us, and we can talk about the value of your used piano as partial credit for one of our restored Steinways.

Are The Piano Store  Steinway piano prices competitive to new Steinway Dealers and other piano stores?

Our  Steinway prices present the most competitive values, for used , restored, and performance level Steinway pianos in the United States. Our store is in Long Beach, California and our renovation facility is in Fullerton, California. As we do not need pricey zip code real estate for our showroom like our competition , and have access to abundant knowledgeable and skilled piano craftsmen who rebuild , voice and tune Steinway pianos daily  , major savings are passed on to our customers who buy our pianos . We enable customers to save thousands of dollars buying a  restored Steinway piano and the quality of restoration is equal to or better than any piano restoration done in the United States. We use genuine Steinway parts in restoration, and only utilize one other manufacturer, which is Renner , on some of our pianos hammers or actions, whose products are utilized on Steinway pianos made at their Hamburg, Germany factory. Should you want another manufacturer's part to be substituted or changed on a particular piano, it is a simple process for our restoration team, and we offer this service.

 Are The Piano Store  Steinway piano prices competitive to private party sellers on Craigslist and EBAY?

Most people selling pianos out of their homes, craigslist and eBay are often selling inherited family "keepsake" pianos which have questionable or poor service records and it may be quite difficult to determine the true worth of the instrument. While on the surface this may seem  as a valid avenue to get a good buy, more often than not, you can buy a far better Steinway piano from The Piano Store  and have surety of new  replacement parts, and a guaranty of long term excellent service. The experience we have acquired  from countless unique restorations, is evident in each restored or reconditioned Steinway on our showroom floor. A visit to our showroom is an ear and eye opening experience for those searching for a quality rebuilt Steinway. Most piano tuners and  working out of their garage or home part-time will most likely not have the high cost equipment and specialized Steinway technical knowledge needed to renovate a Steinway to investment and concert performance level quality.

Buying pianos from private sellers who usually advertise through “Must Sell Ads” is highly risky and  you can get get really financially and emotionally "burned" on  a costly miss …the cost of piano renovation is high and what is  not easily evident,  can mean  thousands of dollars in possible repair after you have seemingly bought your "dream" piano. Most importantly, not every Steinway piano is a good candidate for renovation. It takes deep piano construction knowledge and essential pre-testing for many attributes before The Piano Store deems a piano worthy of Steinway level restoration.

Relevant feedback obtained from our customers indicate, indicate less than truthful disclosure on the renovation work actually performed on pianos by “home store”, craigslist , and ebay sellers.

If you have a question about a particular piano call  1-877-443-3674 

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